How to instantly improve your website for higher profits

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Web Design

I received a call a few weeks ago from a local business owner, James. (I’ll do him a favour and not say his surname so you don’t try and add him on LinkedIn or Facebook 😛) and he was quite frustrated.

He’d had a website created by a web developer, which on the surface looked like a nicely designed, well built site. He was getting regular visitors and had a decent online presence, however, one huge thing was missing…sales.

You see…everything on the surface looked great; he just wasn’t getting the leads and sales that his business deserved to be making.

This is a problem we encounter on a regular basis and during these conversations the one big question we always get asked is… 

“What should my website include and how can I make it more successful?”


As a small business owner myself, I understand that time is very precious. Keeping the work rolling in, staying on top of admin, motivating staff, chasing payments, marketing…it all makes for a very, very busy day.

So…to ease the pressure, I have put together a simple, one page guide that lists key points to instantly improve your website. 

The goal… 

Simple…a website that generates profit, whether that’s getting more enquiries, increasing leads or boosting online sales.  

This paint-by-numbers guide is easy to read, free of technical jargon, extremely simple to implement and best of all, free of charge.

The 46 point homepage checklist includes all the useful tips, facts and advice to turn your website visitors into real clients.

Download the PDF now and see how to improve your website instantly.

P.S. Each month we offer 5 lucky businesses a free website rescue strategy, valued at £200. The personalised plan tells you how to significantly improve your current website and turn it into a money-making marketing machine in just a matter of weeks. 

How would you like to go from 2-3 leads per month to 2-3 leads per day?

To find out, call us now on 01623 454440 to speak to us directly and claim your spot.


  1. Steve Prince

    Great guide, it really made me re-look at our current site. There are a fair few things that I need to improve in the future. Can you tell me what your free website rescue strategy is? How does it work?

    • Paul Skelton

      Hi Steve, thanks for the comment. I’m confident the guide will significantly improve your website leads and conversions.

      The Rescue Strategy is a bespoke service we provide that we usually charge £200 for. Each month we offer 5 small businesses the service for free. We provide you with a personalised critique of your current website and give you the main game-changing (cheap or free) tactics you can implement right now to double or even triple your leads. We also give you a killer lead magnet idea to turbocharge your opt-ins and grow your list to convert more browsers into buyers.

      Feel free to call me on 01623 454440 if you’d like more information,


  2. Bablofil

    Thanks, great article.


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