6 Ways To Improve Your Business With Live Chat

by | Aug 20, 2021

Are you rethinking customer service, whether it’s up to scratch with the modern age?

Now, more than ever people are turning to search engines and company websites for answers.

So, what does this really mean? 

It means that customer service is no longer about answering the phone or being at your desk all day waiting for emails to drop in your inbox.

Technology has reached a level where we can do nearly anything with our smartphones.

People have their smartphones with them all the time. They browse online, they shop, they research on their devices, and they socially interact and email on them.

Contacting companies by calling them on phone or email is cumbersome and takes effort for a customer.

Many website visitors would prefer to have a live one to one chat and get what they need straight away.

So, if you’re looking for ways of improving your company’s ability to directly respond to customers, then live chat is something you need on your WordPress website.

Live chat is the new customer service that all websites need to have, regardless of industry!

So, if you’re looking for ways of improving your company’s ability to directly respond to customers, then live chat is something you need on your WordPress website. 

Many people may find it easier and even more comfortable to interact with others through chats rather than having a face-to-face conversation. 

But online support also comes in different forms, including forums, FAQ’s, product descriptions, guides and product documentation; however, these all might seem like hard work or too much of an effort for someone to search through. 

It is often that they will go searching for instant chat sites such as Facebook Messenger where finding an answer can be done easily without any hassle at all!

Live chat is not just an extra, nice-to-have feature. It’s a must for your website in order to meet customer expectations and keep them coming back again! 

A live contact option can help you cut down on time spent responding to emails or text messages that take too long and are often misinterpreted because of typing errors or misunderstandings.

You’re a small business, can you cope with more ways for customers to get in touch?

You may be thinking “but if I provide my customers with the opportunity for instant communication, won’t they become annoyed if I’m unable to answer because I’m too busy?” 

Not at all! 

Live chat allows you to have conversations while multitasking, it’s not like you need to sit there waiting for a live chat alert, you simply need your smartphone with you. 

You could be working on a spreadsheet, packing a delivery or even when doing your shopping. Pick up your phone and respond to the live chat in less than a couple of seconds. 

It ultimately leads people to feel like they’re getting more personal attention than before – meaning it’s easier for both parties involved (customer AND company!) to interact.

Why have live chat on your WordPress website?

Adding online chats on WordPress sites has many benefits that go beyond just being helpful for users and yourself. 

For example, if somebody ever needs help while browsing through your website, they will be able to contact you instantly with their questions instead of having to wait around or try searching another website for the answers. 

It could mean the difference between a sale or not!

But before starting adding live chat to your website, let’s look at three live chat stats. 

1 – Customers can get answers instantly to questions they have using live chat

Online live chats provide a quick and effective way to answer any questions that are not answered by your website. 

They’re also useful for assistance with ordering, shipping, accessing information about products or services on the company’s site.

It is easier than ever before to get in touch with customer service representatives at all hours of day because you don’t have to wait long periods of time like when calling a phone number!

2 – Better and more effective customer service

The live chat service is real-time customer support that enables you to handle several queries at the same time. 

It also lets your staff focus on more complex issues while providing instant responses for simpler ones.

Modern business demands that everyone be available 24/7, but with all of these incoming messages, it can feel like we never have any free moments outside work hours anymore! 

Fortunately, there are now solutions such as live chat with AI. The customer asks a question and if set up right it can respond with the correct answer automatically. 

These can be especially great if the questions are simple such as what are your opening hours? 

Should the customer still not get the answer they need, it’s at that point that the chat can be sent to a live human to respond.

The other beauty about live chat is that you can handle multiple chats at the same time. Try doing that with three phone line conversations!

3 – Unchain yourself from your desk with live chat 

As anyone will know, the pandemic made one thing clear, that people can work from home or virtually anywhere.

When it comes to phone calls, you need a good connection and be in the right place for one or you will need to be sat next to your landline – which has its own drawbacks. 

Live chat changes all that, a lot of us have 4G on our smartphones (or even 5G) or are always near to a Wi-Fi network so a good internet connection is much easier to achieve.

This allows us to respond in almost all environments and locations.

Plus, if you’re in a noisy environment or even at home with the kids running about, talking on the phone can be difficult. Typing your answers is much easier to deal with.

4 – Target your customers better 

Live chats allow website owners to have the ability to monitor each active user on their site. It can show what page a user is visiting for example.

This allows for easy marketing and promotions. 

If for example, a live chat comes in from a user asking about a product on your online store, you can answer their question.

Not only that, but you can also let them know that you currently have a promotion on that product if purchased today. 

You know what they are interested in and how to entice them to make the sale!

5 – A cost-effective way to deliver customer service

Instead of paying a monthly bill for phone calls, why not ditch them and go with live chats? 

Not only that, but many live chats are free. 

Although, if you opt to pay a low monthly fee you normally get better features, such as more customer agents using it or transcripts emailed to you after the chat finishes.

This can be really helpful to keep tabs on how your customer service deals with customers.

The old saying is also very true, “time is money”.

Instead of spending the time talking on your phone when all your customer needs is a return address for example, it could take 10 seconds opposed to 10 minutes. Saving you time, allowing you to be more productive.

 6 – Chat with customers regardless of a language barrier 

Many of the more premium live chat plugins can automatically translate your conversation with international users. 

You won’t have any trouble being understood. 

If your business deals with lots of international companies that speak other languages, then you don’t have the problem with live chat as you do with email or phone. 

The conversation is translated in real-time, giving that one-to-one personal approach regardless of the language your customer speaks.

Let’s look at some live chat plugins available for WordPress websites

Now you can see that adding live chat into your website design and build is a must, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a brochure website or if you have an e-commerce store for your business.

Here are five plugins to get you started that will work with WordPress. We’re not going to recommend any or offer the features, as it’s worth doing your own research in which fits your business the best.

  1. Liveagent Free version and also paid for option starting at around £10 per month
  2. Livechat No free version, although they are offering a free trial
  3. Tawk.to 100% free
  4. Zendesk  multiple different price plans starting from around £20 per month
  5. Jivochat Has a basic free version and then a pro plan starting at £11 per month


With a live chat plugin on your site, you can receive instant messages from customers that should be answered by qualified customer support reps.

They will help improve your customer satisfaction and sales.

Allowing a client to talk about their issue or having a question, by having live chat you can help them find an answer quickly – it also gives clients peace of mind knowing someone will take care of things should something go wrong.


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