Does your website design company understand search results?

by | Mar 26, 2018

Whenever you work with a website design company you should always ask yourself whether they understand internet searches and how results are generated. It sounds simple, but, it’s more complex than you’d probably think.

We bet the number one reason you have a website is to get found on the internet, right?

So, knowing that you need your website to be found against these searches by your potential clients, your website design company needs to understand a few things before they build your new website.

1) Get your website design company to do some basic keyword research

When people search on the internet, they will not always necessarily search for exactly what your business does or to put it another way, they may not search for what you call something. Sounds strange but think about it for a minute.

For example, here at Midas Creative we work with clients to produce websites that help them get found in search results. You would expect that if someone wanted our type of service, they would search for ‘website design company’ in Google and other search engines.

Let’s use Midas Creative as guinea pigs!

When a person is looking for a website design company in Mansfield what do they search for? They may, as suggested, search for ‘website design company’ although they may search for ‘find me a company that builds websites’, ‘web developers’ or ‘graphic designer’. The list goes on.

This list of search terms is known as keywords or keyword phrases. You and your website design company should produce a list of these keywords and phrases that you ideally want to get your website ranked for. Once you have these, search for them online and see if your website comes up in the search results. Where your website is found in the results is known as your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position). Your goal should be to increase your position and ideally get found in the first three results for that keyword or keyword phrase.

2) Adding a location to a search affects the results

Now you have your desired keywords and know what you need your website to rank for. You should also understand that people (especially when searching for a local business) may or may not type their location in as part of their search e.g. ‘website design company Mansfield’ or just ‘website design company’. This means a great deal; search engines will display different results based on whether the location in the search is used.

Using the location in the search term, in this case Mansfield, organic results that search engines deliver will show more local companies. Without the location, a mixture of national and local results will be displayed.

3) Searches on mobile devices are different those made on desktops

It’s a common fact that more people today search and browse the internet on mobile devices such as tablets, phones and laptops rather than on traditional desktop PCs. Again, this is one area that you need to look at, your website design company should already know that mobile searches and desktop searches produce different results.

Many factors are taken into consideration when Google decides whether to offer your website in the results or not, especially on mobile devices. Many of these factors are technical and include things such as whether your website is mobile friendly or mobile responsive and the time taken to load your website – Google doesn’t like offering sites that are slow. There are a lot more factors but the general the rule is that mobile searches produce different results to searches made on desktop PCs.


Before you think about building a new website consider what keywords you need your website to get found against. Once you have these ‘keywords and phrases’ search on both a traditional PC and on mobile devices to see where you’re appearing in the results (SERP). Repeat the search with and without your location.

It’s only once you have this information can you think about the structure of a new website, what web pages it will need, and the language used to maximise your exposure to get you found in search results. The more competitive your industry, the more important this process becomes as you’ll be fighting for prime positions with similar suppliers.

The key to appearing well, is to know where you appear currently and have a strategy to improve your website rank, your website design company should be able to help you with keyword research and ongoing strategy.


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