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E-commerce website design for jewellery company.

Where Luxury Meets Reality
Diamond Designs is a US based, luxury jewellery store specialising in high-end pieces made with precious materials such as gold, platinum and diamonds. They have a strong reputation and a loyal customer base, but were looking to increase their reach and sales through an e-commerce website.
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  • To create a sophisticated and elegant website that reflects the prestige of the jewellery
  • To make it easy for customers to browse and filter through the various collections and styles
  • To provide detailed product information and stunning images
  • To enable customers to make purchases easily and securely, with a seamless checkout experience
  • To design the website to be responsive and easy to use on mobile devices
  • To optimise the checkout experience for mobile users, including the ability to easily input payment and delivery information

Design and development

The website was designed with a sleek and refined look, using a simple colour scheme with subtle accents. Large, high-quality images were used to showcase the jewellery and give customers a detailed look at each piece.

A sticky navigation bar was implemented to allow customers to easily access different pages and the search and filter function was prominently displayed to enable customers to easily find the jewellery they were interested in.

The product pages were designed to provide in-depth information about each piece of jewellery, including the materials used, the craftsmanship, and any unique features. Multiple images from different angles were also provided to give customers a complete understanding of the item. The website also had a ‘blog’ section where the client could share news about new collections, style trends, and other industry-related articles.

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The website was a success for the client, attracting new customers and increasing online sales. The sophisticated design and detailed product information helped to convey the prestige of the jewellery and gave customers confidence in their purchases.

The easy-to-use navigation and smooth checkout experience, including the mobile optimisation, also contributed to the overall positive customer experience.

As a result, the client was able to expand their reach and strengthen their position in the high-end jewellery market.

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Midas Creative created a beautiful website for me more than once. They are very professional and reliable. They also maintain my site and help me quickly when an issue or change arises.

Julie Richter
Owner, Diamond Designs

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