The 2 big questions that will make OR break your website

by Apr 24, 2017

When a potential customer visits your website for the first time, there are two big questions they will ask that can make or break your website.

Just to pile on the pressure a little more, they will answer these 2 big questions… in about 4 seconds.

If you’re not happy with the leads, conversions and contact you get from your website, maybe you aren’t addressing those questions properly.

Would you like to know the questions?

  1. Do I like your site, or will I leave? (approx 1 second to decide)
  2. Do you have what I need, or will I leave? (approx 3 seconds to decide)

Research conducted at Northumbria University concluded that the look and feel of the website is the primary element of first impressions. So to deal with question #1 you need to start with a professional, clean design.

To answer question #2 you need to optimise your homepage.

You need to ensure your home page has all the right elements to quickly tell your visitor you DO have what they need… and how they can get it. One way you can do that is with a strong call to action.

Your quick website rescue task for today:

  1. Decide what your PRIMARY call to action is.
  2. Make sure it’s as clear and stands out on your homepage
  3. If it isn’t clear, quickly make this change or request your web designer gets on the job ASAP.
  4. See if your conversions improve… I bet they will.


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