Website Live Chat – 9 Top Reasons Why you Should have it on Your Website!

by | Nov 22, 2019

In this online day and age, people have access to everything they could ever possibly need.

With a few taps of the finger or a simple swipe, people expect to get the information they need in an instant.

Technology has made our lives much faster and easier, as such most people don’t have the time to wait to get answers. It’s not only annoying but not being able to quickly connect with an online customer is a sure-fire way to lose them.

Previous research has shown that traditional customer service is really slow especially on email and responses in social media. Plus there is nothing that will enrage someone more than listening to ‘on hold’ music for 40 minutes.

You could have a potential customer needing a bit more information to make that buying decision but no one is there to help them straight away. 

It’s crazy when you think about it!

This is why having a website live chat facility is a great way to quickly and easily respond to any request.

Website live chat software gives you the opportunity to perfectly connect with a customer realtime whilst they are browsing your website.  

The Website Group has put together this interesting infographic which takes you through 9 of the top reasons why your website should have a live chat facility.

One key point worth mentioning is that you don’t necessarily have to have a new website created from scratch! It could be as simple as adding a bit of code and hey presto you can start chatting.

The infographic below covers the following benefits of having a website live chat facility:

  • Increases sales
  • Reduce support costs
  • Helps you build trust with your customers
  • Giving you a competitive advantage 
  • Helping your website increase its average order value
  • Satisfy your customers
  • Instant contact with your visitors
  • Improve user experience
  • Allowing you to better understand your customers


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