Stonecrest Marble

Website design for local recruitment agency.

Creating stunning spaces

Stonecrest Marble has set its place as one of the largest distributors in natural stone, porcelain and ceramic in the UK.

They work with architects, developers and independents to supply exquisite natural stone and tiles, creating stunning spaces.

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  • To create a sophisticated and elegant website that reflects the prestige of the stone and marble tiles.
  • To make it easy for customers to browse and filter through the various collections and styles.
  • To provide detailed product information and stunning images.
  • To enable customers to filter products by different categories and attributes.
  • To design the website to be responsive and easy to use on mobile devices.
  • To ensure that all pages and images load quickly on both desktop and mobile devices.

Design and development

The website was designed with a sleek and refined look to showcase the quality of the natural stone and tiles. Large, high-quality images were used to give customers a detailed look at each product and the different finishes available.

To make it simple for customers to navigate, the website was equipped with multiple filters, categories and search. These included filters for size, colour, finish, and more, and categories for different types of spaces, such as living room and kitchen. This allowed customers to quickly and easily narrow down their search and find the perfect tile for their project.

The product pages were designed to provide in-depth information about each tile, including the materials used, the dimensions, and any unique features.

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The website was a success for the client, attracting new customers and increasing sales. The sophisticated design and detailed product information helped to convey the prestige of the natural stone and marble tiles and gave customers confidence in their purchases.

The easy-to-use navigation, smooth filter and category options, and the mobile optimisation also contributed to the overall positive customer experience. As a result, the client was able to expand their reach and strengthen their position in the high-end tile market.

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I have had a great experience working with Damien and his team. He understood the needs of the business and guided us through the process at each stage. I am happy with the professional approach taken and by the outcome of our website so far. We will definitely be using Midas Creative’s services with our other businesses.

Ilknur Aksoy
Marketing Manager, Stonecrest Marble

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