How to increase visitor time on your website

  We all know that the main goal of most websites is to convert more visitors into becoming customers.It doesn’t matter whether your business has an online shop website  or uses its website to generate more leads, the same goal exists. It goes without saying...

Top Social Media Trends for 2019

  How are you planning to mix up your social media marketing strategy in 2019?The team at Hootsuite have surveyed over 3000 of their customers from small agencies through to larger organisations to find out what will have an impact on social media this year. Here...

Website Design Tips – 20 Things Your Website Needs

  The goal for any website is there to showcase what you have to offer, more importantly, it’s there to help you drive sales either online or over the phone. Our website design tips should help you do more of that!Taking SEO and ranking position to one side,...

SEO Tools for 2019 – 10 of The Best

  There are many great SEO tools out there that can really help you understand if your website is performing well or needs some serious attention.They usually fall into three categories, totally free to use, some SEO tools with limited free use and ones with a...

Why Shoppers Abandon Your Online Store and How to Fix It

  For many ecommerce website owners shopping cart abandonment can be a nightmare. It's really frustrating, you did all the hard work by building a great ecommerce website, as a result people should instantly buy from you, right? You have looked at all the ways to...

Inspiring Graphic Design Trends for 2019

  Graphic design is something that we all see on a daily basis. Whether its on a website, an advert, a magazine or in packaging, the list goes on. If you read it, watch it or click it, chances are that it has been thought about and professionally designed by...

Ultimate Social Media Checklist

Being in business you’re extremely busy, we get that. Lots to do, not enough hours in the day, sound familiar? If anyone dares mention that your social media is falling behind your competitors, they should run for the hills. The good guys at semrush have made your...

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