[Infographic] 15 website facts every business owner should know

by | Apr 19, 2018

We all know and love the internet and we all use it daily. It can sometimes be overlooked at just how important a website for your business can be. With this in mind we have put together an infographic which lists 15 website facts that every business owner should know.

#1  Make sure your website ranks in Google, it’s vital!

Google accounts for 73.73% of all search queries on desktops/laptops.

#2 Your website should be fully mobile device friendly

Mobile data traffic is projected to increase nearly sevenfold between 2016 and 2021.

#3 Make sure you have a ‘Google My Business’ setup and verified

Companies that have verified accounts are twice as likely to be considered as reputable by consumers

#4 Your business name, address and phone numbers (NAP) need to be consistent across the web

73% of consumers lose trust in a business if its listings contain inaccurate information.

#5 Get reviews for your business

72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

#6 If you can sell online, you should

UK Households spend an average of £4,611 online each year totalling £154bn in 2016.

#7 Start using social media if you don’t already

Social media accounts for over 30% of website referral traffic.

#8 Make sure your website is fast to load

38% of web users will ‘bounce’ off a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

#9 Ranking organically for your keywords in Google at position #1 has big benefits

The top position gets 32.5% of all traffic, #2 17.6%, #3 11.4%, #4 8.1%

#10 Don’t just leave your website to gather dust

Content is the number 1 factor in helping a website rank. Keep refining and adding content to your website.

#11 Security of your website is paramount, make sure you’re safe online

Malware attacks on websites grew by 34% in Q4 2017.

#12 Paid search results (advertising) are outpacing organic results

64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking to buy an item online.

#13 With good website SEO and strategy, you should rank but it may take time

Only 22% of webpages that currently rank in the top ten results are less than a year old.

#14 Almost all adults now use the internet

Age 16-34 99%
Age 35-54 97%
Age 55-64 90%
Age 65-74 78%
Age 75+ 41%

#15 5G Mobile networks are just around the corner, your website should be ready for a new mobile usage revolution

It could mean up to x100 times faster mobile connections than current networks – download a full HD movie in 4-40 seconds!


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