5 Examples Of Amazing Blog Design – Help Your Audience Engage

by | Mar 1, 2021

Having a great blog is something that all businesses should aspire to have. It will not only help you improve the amount of traffic to your website, but if done right it can generate more sales. In this quick guide we will look at 5 awesome blog landing pages and what makes them so good.

Looking through a recent survey on what sources of information people trust the most, some interesting facts can be found.

  • Only one third (33%) of people trust advertising.
  • Nearly 8 out of 10 trust information given by friends, contacts and colleagues.
  • Only 44% use reviews as a source of trusted information
  • 46% trust social media
  • Nearly half of all people trust independent blogs and vlogs.

That’s right – bloggers are trusted much more than reviews, more than social media and definitely more than advertising, but probably not as much as Aunt Mable!

But how do you get people to fall in love with your blog, aside from creating unreal and informative content?

Blog design and its importance

We’re not going to talk about how important blogs are as we’ve already covered this in a previous article.

However, how a blog looks, putting content to one side is really key to encouraging a viewer to read on.

Think about it in simplistic terms, your website homepage needs to be great, it’s probably the first thing that a potential customer will see, it’s basically your shop window.

Your blog can work in a similar way, blogs can be one of the first entry points that a customer will get to your website by and see you for the first time.

When people search online for specific terms and keyword phrases, blogs can be one of the first things that search engines offer above traditional homepages due to their content.

For example, searching for the term “Why are blogs important?” in Google, the first 40-50 results (excluding adverts) are all blogs.

Meaning if you clicked on any of these it would take you to the website’s blog, as opposed to just the homepage.

So you can probably see that blogs aren’t something that you a) want to ignore doing in the first place and b) show little interest in designing them to look amazing.

Presenting your blog in the best light

So you’ve done the hard work and created incredible content, the next thing you need to look at is how to make that look great. If it’s messy with various formatting, spelling or general errors, it’s a sure fire way to make people click the back button.

Below are some examples of great blog design from various websites on the next, to hopefully give you some inspiration.

Brit + Co

You will see that there is a theme that runs throughout the blog landing page and the blog pages themselves. The images are all bright, upbeat and really positive in their design, they carry the same feel. When you hover over a blog story that you’re interested in, it looks as though the headline has been highlighted with a marker pen.

Also at the top of the page, you can clearly see the categories of the blog, which makes it easy for a visitor to find exactly the type of content that they wish to read.

Website screenshot of a great designed blog landing page


Pandora takes a much more eclectic layout with its formatting of the blog landing page, however, it works really well.

It contains fun and diverse images, the format is not in a standard grid, which gives it interest (do this well or it will look a mess). They have also subtly mixed in their jewellery with lifestyle shots with the odd gif along the way. Their blog design reflects their customers and the products that they sell.

A excellently presented blog design

Visit Britain

This is more of a traditional grid-style format, however, they only show the headline and a strong image. Obviously, they are using pictures to really portray what the post is about.

You will also notice that one piece is in Russian.

At the top of the page, the blogs can be easily translated, however, it should be set to EN (English language) however they have content that is in the incorrect language.

Not great if you don’t speak the language, a small oversight on their part, but it’s a great way of illustrating that you need to check and check again the blog design and content before posting.

Blog landing page with mistake on it

British Heart Foundation

The format is clean and easy to read.

One thing that does stand out is the main image and content at the top. Having the main article in a slightly different format really draws you to it.

This is a great way of encouraging people to read a post that you feel is key and most on topic. A good way to get your main message across.

Blog page designed with pull out article

Hotel Chocolat

Like the above, they have used a very big main image on their blog landing page to ensure it attracts attention.

You can see that the article was published on 11 Dec, focusing on “finding your soulmate” and was aimed at a Valentine’s day audience.  

If you read the article it all talks about finding a partner, your connection, is it true love and how to make a relationship flourish?

It’s a very clever post, published at the right time (pre-Valentine’s day) and it’s not really that focused on selling you their chocolate. H

owever, towards the end of the post, it mentions buying gifts for your soulmate, which includes things like spa breaks, a romantic meal and guess what…….chocolate.

Clever blog design and content


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