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by | Dec 15, 2017

A client called me last week to get some advice about her email marketing list. She was really excited as she’d gained quite a few new subscribers over the weekend.

She was especially happy as she knew the bigger her email marketing list, the more sales she typically made week in and week out. For small business owners who are just starting to learn all about the power of email marketing, the challenge doesn’t stop with getting someone to subscribe.

You have an email list, what’s next?

The next step in your email marketing journey, is to create emails that people will actually:

  1. Open when it lands in their inbox.
    2. Read the content in your emails and…
    3. …click the links in your emails.

Getting your potential customers to click the links in your email is vital because once you get them onto your website, your chances of turning them into customers massively increase.

I’ve put together 5 proven ways to earn the trust of your readers, get them to open your emails and click the links to your products / pages / blogs.

1. “Newsletter” is a no-no!

To be clear: do not label your email program as a ‘newsletter’.

We call ours “Weekly Tips & Tricks” but you could use “Latest Hints & Tips”, “Club News Update”, “VIP Special Issue”, or what best fits your business. However, DO NOT use the generic term ‘newsletter’. Just the sound of it is boring and uninteresting. Do your customers really have the time to read a newsletter?

Say you have two mailing lists to join, which one would you open and which would you delete?
Mailing List 1: Weekly Newsletter
Mailing List 2: Powerful Business Tips That’ll Boost Your Profits
Correct! You’d delete the first one! When your prospect signs up to this exciting sounding mailing list, they will eagerly await the benefits your site has promised.

2. Personalise your emails

Personally, I miss the days of getting handwritten letters in the mail, or those long emails from friends. The feeling of receiving an email written “just for you” is important, it makes us feel special and loved. Addressing your subscribers by their name helps make your readers feel more important (which indeed they are) and in turn become more active customers and visitors to your site.

With the use of the ‘personalisation’ feature (available with all the best email marketing services – my favourite is MailChimp), you can address your readers by their first names, instead of just using a generic term like “reader”, “follower” or “subscriber”.

3. ‘Regular’ doesn’t mean ‘every day’

I’m certain you’ve been told how effective sending regular updates to your subscribers is and I wholeheartedly agree.

…But please, do not spam my inbox every… single… day.

Your subscribers need some breathing space, some time to take in the information you are sending them. Send emails at a regular but sensible rate and also on regular schedule so they are prepared when your email arrives.

Depending on the nature and content of your email, I recommend to our clients to stick to either a weekly, fortnightly or monthly update. These are known as acceptable rates of emails which get a great level of response from those receiving them.

4. Segment your audience

This is especially important for retail businesses. Segmenting your audience is an important step in maintaining a high open rate with your customers. For example, an article about women’s clothes will not get a great response with male subscribers, so why would you send them an article about it? There are lots of examples, just be mindful of list segmentation.

Segmentation is a great way to ensure all the content you’re sending is tailored to the demographic and character of your audience.

Also, by sending your reader more targeted content, you will ensure that they see your regular emails as more relevant and therefore less likely to trash them when they land in their inbox.

5. Use calls to action

A Call to Action (CTA) is the ’top dog’ of your marketing material. A CTA is simply just telling someone what to do. It may be a provoking text and/or a bold-coloured button that suggests readers ‘request a quote’, ‘schedule a callback’, ‘buy now’, send a ‘contact enquiry’, etc… whatever it is you want your website visitors to do — that’s your CTA.

They ensure your readers continue with your conversion process and without them, your results will be average at best.

…and finally

Remember, your ultimate goal is to grow your list so you can nurture prospects into paying customers.

Begin by providing your subscribers with really useful, high-quality information that helps them solve a problem. Our job as business / website owners is to help our customers become better versions of themselves, whatever the product or service you provide.

Master that and you’ll be singing all the way to the bank!

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  1. Mark Parker

    Hey, First of all, thank you so much for sharing this information and it’s very impressive and very helpful for me. Once again Thank you:)


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