Who are your online buyers? How to sell to them (infographic)

by | Sep 17, 2018

Online buyers are all different, however you can normally clump them together into general types depending on their wants, needs and knowledge of what they are looking for.

When selling services through an ecommerce store, many business owners are unaware that there are four main types of online buyers. When you build an online shop you need to think about who your buyers are and what will make them respond to your site. 

If you know how to satisfy each of these online buyer types, then that will translate to more sales and higher profits for your online store.

Typically, online purchasers are split into four main categories:

The expert – They know exactly what they want

Experts already have a great understanding of what they are looking to purchase. If you have their ideal item for sale, then there is a good chance if your price is right then they will likely purchase from you.

The listener – They know the features they want and will research further

Listeners have an idea of what they want a product of service to achieve for them based on set criteria. Make sure your products not only talk about the facts but also about what benefits they bring.

The browser – These are happy to look around and pick something they fancy

Browsers are a little trickier as they generally float around your website. Your store needs to inspire them and create a desire in your products. Your site needs to tap into their emotions

The novice – This group of people will need advice and require more help

Novices are easily overwhelmed by ecommerce stores. Your goal with these is to offer them expert advice and a feeling that they are safe and secure, and you offer outstanding customer service.

Smart Assistant share their findings in this great infographic about the four online buyer types

Infographic depicting the four types of customers your online shop will attract


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