Web designer and a web developer, is there a difference?

by | Feb 1, 2018

When meeting new people, I often get asked “What do you do for a living?”, I always reply “I’m a Mansfield web designer”, well actually I run a Mansfield web design company but in essence that is what we do as a business.

I use the term ‘Mansfield web designer’ very loosely, it’s a lot more involved than just designing websites that look pretty, but generally people get an understanding of what it is we actually do here. This is especially true if they aren’t web professionals or know much about the web design industry.

There is a difference though between what a web designer and what a web developer actually does. The difference is important if you’re looking to build a new website.

What is a web design?

Web design is a commonly used term in the industry and covers a whole host of skills, most people will use this term regardless of their requirements. In a nutshell a web designer will work to build websites and make them look and work amazing. The design of the website will be built using visual elements and opposed to physically writing code such as HTML from scratch. Most businesses that need a new website designing will actually need a web designer and not a web developer. Although to a visitor of a website it won’t matter all they will see is a beautifully constructed web page.

What is web development?

Although this is a simple question, there are many types of web developers, both front-end and back-end and all with various skills, programming knowledge and web uses. Without going in to the specifics of each type of web developer, they are mainly used for more technical reasons or complex websites.

Web developers work mainly with code as opposed to a web designer that will work with visual elements. E.g. a web designer will draw a red box, a web developer will write code to display a red box.

As I mentioned previously, most businesses will probably need a web designer and not a web developer. What they are looking for is a good website that ranks highly and attracts customers, which is their ultimate goal. Although a web developer can also do this, they are also skilled in ‘developing’ bespoke systems and functionality that more complex websites may need. There is however a crossover of skills and a synergy between them both.


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