How will your website data policy change due to GDPR?

by | Feb 15, 2018

General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, will change how companies handle and process customer data. But what does it mean to you and your website data policy?

From May 2018 any business in Europe will have to stick to new laws on the information that we create, capture and store. Review your current website data policy and make sure your online security is on point ahead of the change that will affect us all..

The new law will give more rights to people and the data that we hold on them.

Will it affect my company?

Yes. If your company deals with customers (every company does) and you retain any data then you will have to adhere to the new ruling. If you hold any information that is used to identify a person such as name, location, IP address, age, telephone number etc then it will apply to you. In short, it will affect every business and every business website. Even simple contact forms on websites asking for name and email will be subject to this law. Make sure your website data policy is up to date.

So, what does it mean to my business website?

If you have any data on a person then they will have the right to know exactly what that is. If you retain any type of information, then you must clearly seek and get permission to hold this information. Your website data policy will have to have clearly show why, how and when the data will be used.

Access to your data

When anyone asks a company about their data, they must be given this information within one month. If a request is made to delete information that you hold then you must do this, especially if the information you hold is no longer relevant or not being used for the purpose it was originally collected for. Again this must be made clear in your website data policy. There are exceptions however, such as for tax reasons.

There are fines!

Should information that you hold on a person gets leaked or misused then you could be issued with a fine.

How to prepare your business for GDPR

If you’re currently adhering to data protection laws and you have a good website data policy already in place,  then you’ll most likely have many of the new GDPR requirements already in place.

Here is a great guide on GDPR and the steps business need to take.

In a nutshell, data that your company holds will become more regulated and you are more responsible for it, how it’s used and how safe it is. Find out more about on GDPR.


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