10 Awesome Ecommerce Website Design Tricks

by | Jun 28, 2019

When you sell online you need to make sure that your website represents who you are and what you do. It’s your chance to make a lasting impression on your customers.


If you nail the design of your online shop, not only will your customers respond better, you’ll increase the till ringing (so to speak)!

Yup, you heard that right, an awesome designed ecommerce website really will help you sell more.

Design is super important, however there are some nifty tricks and tips you can use along the way to maximise purchases.

We have put together 10 great ecommerce business websites that use some of these techniques to their advantage.

Regardless of what you sell and how big your business is, you can use them on your online store.

Let’s get cracking and check out each of the ecommerce website design examples below with a brief description.


The look and feel of this website is amazing, it uses really high quality photography.

Not only that but the main image is shot in such a way to capture fun, energy and youth and represents their market or in other words who their buyers are.

You will also notice that they have a seasonal offer bar at the top of their website with a discount.

To their buyers, cost is important and getting the latest fashion fast for the next ‘big night out’ is a great incentive to buy from them.

Image showing ecommerce website design tricks


Another clothing ecommerce site, however, they have opted to use multiple product shots as opposed to one main image at the top. The difference here is that, all the products on their homepage have massive reductions.

You’ll notice that the % discount is in a contrasting colour to the main site making it standout.

Furthermore, they have added in a countdown timer, this builds in a sense of urgency, “buy it now or it will be gone”. A great technique to entice someone to make a quick buying decision.

Image showing BrandAlley ecommerce website design tips

Minkk Lashes

Again, another ecom site that uses incredible photography showing their products in use. As you can imagine, some women would love to get lashes like this, it’s an aspirational image.

They have used a very simple and clean navigation, it’s non clunky and understated, allowing images to ‘pop’.

Also notice they are using their USP on their main image. You will see that the word ‘INSTANTLY’ is capitalised, pushing home that benefit (e.g. look like this in no time at all).

The Works

This site uses a lot of bright colours both below the main navigation and on the sections on their home page.

The main element to notice here is the ‘Game of Thrones’ banner. As the last season has just aired on TV they know that there will be a lot of demand. Basically they are using topical and fresh content on their site to capitalise on sales.

If you have a website and can tie it in with anything that is trending then it’s a great trick to do so.

My Sushi Shop

On first impression, you would struggle to instantly understand what they are selling. However, it’s very cleverly done, showing their unique packaging. The design is very different from what you would traditionally expect to see.

The main action what they want a visitor to perform is to locate their nearest shop to either buy online for delivery or to collect.

Make sure what you want a visitor to do is prominent on your website.

Below this you will see their four big USPs high up on the page. A great way to show that they offer a great service which helps build trust by their potential customers.

Online shop using design techniques

Emile Henry

Emile Henry makes use of one of the biggest trends in social media, cooking videos.

Their website uses video to not only show the products that they sell but also shows, the kind of food that can be cooked in them. It may sound obvious, but this makes it much more appealing than just showing ovenware.

Video is a great way to add spice (excuse the pun) to your ecommerce website design. Video is excellent at engaging an audience as it’s been proven that video increases conversion rates.


Contrasting colours on sections can work amazingly well. Quicksilver have done this to great effect.

They have a monochrome top part of their website. What is the first thing that you’re drawn to?

Yes, their brightly coloured board shorts.

Using dramatic colours side by side can really make certain parts of your ecommerce store stand out. This can be used on an area that you want to direct attention to, such as a sale or a product that you want to promote.

Remember, that you want your website visitor to have a good shopping experience, overuse of this can be jarring to some so keep it to a few areas and don’t go overboard.

Image showing the use of colours on an ecommerce store web design


To follow on from contrasting colours, you can also make use of one colour but use different tones of it.

Skullcandy have really done a top job with this, in fact one of the best online. Each month they choose a different colour to use based on a ‘feeling’.

Each area on their homepage uses green (fresh month), although there is a lot going on, it doesn’t seem overkill. It all looks calm and helps you focus on their main product they are looking to promote.

Colour is your friend, it’s one easy ecommerce website design tricks that is simple to change on most sites.

using it in the right way is key. Imagine if the top right section was purple, it would really stick out and probably not in a good way.

Online store using design techniques to sell more products

Embody Trends

This website is very straight forward in its approach, has a strong headline with minimal text. Also, the other thing that really sticks out is that they offer ‘free worldwide shipping’ which is a huge selling point.

This has been placed directly at the top of their website as it’s a great way to entice people to buy.

Make sure that if you offer your customers something extra, that it isn’t hidden on your site, make it prominent and stand out.

Simple approach to the design of an ecommerce store

Pretty Screwed

Using simple and clean design, this website has their three main areas of their site right at the top.

This is important as the main thing that they want you to do is buy their wines.  Put your most important elements close to the top of the site.

From a technical point of view. These areas are classed as ‘above the fold’ meaning, without having to scroll you can navigate and buy their wines. 

Image showing putting elements above the fold can help conversion rates


These are but a few ecommerce website design tricks that you can use to not only improve how your website looks but to also start increasing your website conversion rates encouraging more people to buy from you.

When you’re at the stage of designing an online store from scratch or want to improve your current site, planning is key to getting it right. 


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