How to Build a Better Website – 10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

by | May 29, 2019

If you’re looking to build a better website for your business, then there are certain strategies you should adopt to make it the best it can be.

Kayak Online Marketing share their perspective on the top ten questions you should consider to improve your current website and how it works for you.

They include:

  1. Do you know who your customers are?
  2. Is your website focused primarily on design over content?
  3. Is content helpful to its intended audience?
  4. Is your company and staff empowered to ‘do’ online?
  5. Do you have a blog on your website?
  6. Do you make the most out of SEO?
  7. Are you using social media as part of your website marketing?
  8. Do you target your audience with specific offers?
  9. Are you actively working on your website on a regular basis?
  10. Are you aware of your website stats?

Find out more below in this simple infographic

Image showing a infographic with 10 questions about how to build a better website

Build a better website with three simple top tips to get you started!

Tip one – Understand who your customers are

It may sound a strange question to ask, but do you know who your customers are?

This is vitally important for any business regardless of the goods and services you sell. By knowing exactly who your customers are, your website, the design, content and how you engage with your potential customers can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Likewise, if you don’t know, then how can you improve or build a better website based on what your audience will respond best to?

A simple example would be if you sold shoes online that vary in price range from £10 – £1000.

If in the last six months you sold 1000 pairs of shoes for £20 and had no orders for any shoes over the price of £100, this says a lot about who your customers are.

More importantly, it says a lot about what they want.

Taking this one step further, by knowing that your current audience likes to buy shoes at the cheaper end of the spectrum you can add more products to your store at a price point they will respond to.

Give your audience more of what they love and respond to.

Tip two – Make sure your website is not design over substance

Many website owners make the mistake of focusing totally on the design of a website. Obviously, this is crucial, however you also need to make sure that you have information on your website that will help your potential customers.

Include information on your site that will convince someone that you’re the company for them.

Having elements on there such as testimonials, include video if you have it, add your USPs (unique selling points), background information, advice, strong headlines, a great navigational structure.

The list goes on, however, if you’re serious that you want to build a better website for your business, think as if you’re a customer and what you would expect and want to see.

Be more than just pretty face. 

Tip three – Make sure your website content is useful

Whenever you include any text or information on your website, make sure that it is valuable to a potential client.

If you read information and can say “so what?” at the end, then you’ve missed the mark.

Ensure that the text on your site is written for its intended audience, that it inspires and connects with customers.

An engaged audience is key, it helps nurture them into becoming a client.


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