Improve Your Website and Dominate in 2019 – 43 Incredible Tools

by | Nov 29, 2018

If you’re looking for ways to improve your website and start 2019 in the best possible way, then here is a list of tools to help you along your journey.

Razor Social share this infographic on some tools you may need.

The graphic covers the main areas that you need to focus on to improve your website conversion rate. Increasing the conversion rate on your site is one the key elements that any business  should focus on. It’s a key way of increasing your website ROI and to drive new business growth.

With 2019 on the horizon, now is a great time to look to improve your website for the New Year ahead.

The guide highlights nine categories to improve your website optimisation.

  • Lead capture forms
  • Analytics
  • User research
  • Web page optimisation
  • Site performance
  • E-commerce
  • Automation of your marketing
  • Advertising Conversion
  • Funnel Optimisation

Lead capture forms

Every website should ideally offer a way of capturing email leads to build your list and drive more traffic to your website, such as using MailChimp for instance.

By continuing to keep in touch with your list on a regular basis you’ll not only build stronger relationships with your prospects you’ll also gradually turn them into more sales.

Streamline the way you capture your emails to help you convert more website visitors into real life customers.

Analytical yools

Knowing facts and figures about how people use your website is one most important things you can do in increase your website conversion rate. By understanding visitor behaviour is key to helping improve your website long term, which will mean more on your bottom line.

Analytical software will help you understand the basics such as, how many people use your site, what is your website bounce rate and how people navigate around your website plus much more.

User research

Its really useful to understand how users interact with your website. By using tools to help you get to grips with your visitors you’ll quickly be able to see if your website is a breeze to use, which will mean a better user experience.

It will also illustrate any key areas which are causing issues such as navigation problems and confusing elements on your web pages that is stunting your conversion rate.

By fixing these issues you’ll not only improve your website for visitors but you’ll also boost your conversions.

Web page optimisation

Optimisation of your web pages is also critical to your conversion efforts. By making every website page the best it can be will help more people find that page, but also if done right, will help more visitors to become customers.

Even small changes like changing the colour of your ‘call to action’ buttons or tweaking your text can make a massive difference.

Site performance

A slow, buggy and non mobile optimised site will really hurt your conversion rate. For instance if a webpage takes more than 3 seconds to load, the stats show that people will click the ‘back button’ and find another website.


Tracking your conversions is very easy with online stores, your conversion is a sale. If you know that you have many people using your website but the sales aren’t coming through then you know that something is amiss with your shop.

Either visitors are having a hard time with the checkout process or they don’t have the conviction to make the final step and buy from you.

There are many good tools to understand what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Automation of your marketing

By speeding up your marketing efforts you’ll have more time to focus on the results it is generating and what practices are working best at converting more traffic on your website

Advertising conversion

It makes perfect sense that if you’re spending money on advertising that every penny really does count. The big part of making your money go further is to fully test and understand what is working in your ad campaigns and what isn’t.

The above tools will help with this.

Funnel optimisation

This is the process of measuring and optimising the processes that visitors take on your website to achieve the conversion goal you have.

It doesn’t matter how many stages your funnel has, they normally all end with the same goal.

In order to improve your website and your funnel you need to know at what stage you’re losing potential customers. Identifying these and where people are ‘dropping out’ of your funnel is key to fixing and improving it for a better conversion rate

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  1. Al Gomez

    Cool infographics you’ve got here. I am seeing also that 2019 will pave way for more lead generation techniques, after all sales and profits fuel any type of business.


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