Get the best out of your website designer – 3 simple tips

by | Jan 31, 2018

If you’re thinking about setting up a new website or looking to revamp your current website then we know that it’s sometimes confusing with what direction your new site should take. Your website designer is there to help! You’ll have an unlimited amount of choices in styles, navigation, colours, fonts and images, the list is endless. Should it be ultra-modern, sleek, minimalist, heavily focused on text…the list goes on.

If you think about it, there are many ways to get your message out there and many ways in which to entice a visitor to become a client. It’s all about personal choice and knowing what ‘feel’ your website design will create.

The basis of all great website designs is based in the planning stage, fully understanding what you need and want and more importantly, what you visitor expects.

It’s not all down to you, your website designer needs to ask you the right questions and tease out of you what you like and what you don’t. They should ask about who your competitors are and what you like and dislike about their sites… how can you do it better than them!

Without a clear understanding, your website designer will have an almost impossible task of trying to give you what you want without any information. It would be like ‘mind reading’.

There are some easy practical steps that you can take to ensure that you get the design for your new site, not a site that just looks good but one that actually generates interest in your products and services, ultimately encouraging website visitors to become paying customers.

Tip 1: Give your website designer as much info as possible

Get your ideas down in writing, have an idea about what you want the website to achieve. A design brief can be very helpful and very simple to put together, it needs to include an idea of things that you like and dislike. Provide this to your website designer and they’ll love you for it. Include any ideas you have….it doesn’t matter how crazy you think they are. They could include a list of websites that you like the look of, press clippings, pictures from a sales catalogue, great packaging or even a TV advert, It doesn’t matter, as long as it conveys what you like. Try and be a bit more descriptive than simply saying “I like that”… why do you like that? More info the better!

Remember to provide key documents such as your business logo, images that you would like to use and any text and website copy that you have. It doesn’t matter at this stage how perfect it is at the moment, it can all be changed later on. Don’t forget that your new website will be built on a development server, nothing should ever go online until you’re totally happy with it.  

Tip 2: Talk to your website designer

This may sound simple, but have a frank and open conversation with your website designer. Talking freely at the beginning of the project will help guide the design process along. Building a good rapport right from the start will encourage the flow of ideas and feedback. Trust me, you should never be afraid of giving an honest critique about anything that your website designer does…..we do this on a daily basis and we don’t get offended.

Try not to fall into the mindset of “your website designer should just get on with it”. This is where designing a website will get hard, they’ll produce something that you’re possibly not happy with and you’ll both start getting frustrated with progress and direction of your new website.

Tip 3: Try and build a good relationship with your website designer

Further, on the point above, you need to trust your website designer, if you don’t, move on to another that you do….They have probably been putting together websites for several years, they should know the industry inside and out and will be able to offer you sound advice about how things should be done, what works best and any potential pitfalls.

We’ve recently worked with a client and their main colours used in their branding and logo are bright pink and white. They were adamant that they only wanted to use these two colours throughout the site to keep it “on brand”. After explaining why this wasn’t a great idea, they agreed that pink text on a solid white background would be near impossible to read comfortably, we introduced a few more mutated shades/colours and included more images to make their colours work. This simply illustrates that your website designer should always advise you.

We’re not monsters, working with a website designer should be enjoyable, you should see that you’re both on the same team working towards a brilliant website you’ll love and one that will only do great things for your business.

As you can probably see, the more information you have ready at the start of the process and the more upfront and honest you are the better. Having a great two-way relationship with your website designer will almost certainly reduce any issues and produce you the best website.


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