Blog Design Mistakes to Avoid. Are Your Blogs Breaking These Rules?

by | Mar 19, 2019

For many in the know, blogs are an awesome way to establish your business online, strengthening trust in your visitors and helping your website’s search engine optimisation.

In many cases, your blog posts can be the first thing that your potential clients actually see, they can act as entry pages to your site. If you don’t already have a blog, we’d suggest getting one added.

If you’re a new business and need a website designed they are even more important, a blog is an effective way to help your exposure and website’s ranking.  

Blog design mistakes to avoid

The first question you should really ask yourself is – “Am I making many blog design mistakes?”.

Your blog pages should be a seductive mix of great marketing content, graphics and offer an amazing user experience.

If your blog looks horrid, it will do you no favours

Here is a great infographic from Brafton on six blog design mistakes to avoid.

Graphic showing the top six blog design mistakes you should avoid

Small text

If you want people to read your blog then you need to make sure that it can be easily read, no one wants to use a magnifying glass!

Remember that people will view your website and blog on many types of device screens, so with teeny weeny text it will be even smaller on these.

Opt to make your blog text bold and use a font that is legible (e.g. not a hand-written font).

Keep paragraphs and sentences short and sweet.

Wide loads

The majority of us read from left to right, if you have text that runs from the far left of a screen to the far right, it isn’t very easy on the eyes.

For instance, look at the blog you’re reading now, as you can see the text is arranged in the middle part of the screen and doesn’t run the full width of the page.

Massive sections of text

Picking up on the point mentioned earlier. Try not to clump massive sections of text together, it’s hard to read and a certain way to make people hit the back button.

Keep the structure of large swaths of text as a couple of lines, broken with line breaks.

Also, use easy to digest headlines to break up the content.

Bad formatting

In an ideal world, blog readers will read your content from top to bottom, not missing a single word. In reality some will just skim the content.

People are busy, they will be reading your blog on their phones on the tube for instance, they will have a couple of minutes to scan it.

Make use of formatting, include the most salient points as bullets so it can be easily picked up.

Only using text

Touching on the earlier points, blog readers won’t want to read line after line, paragraph after paragraph of text.

It’s hard to read and is an instant put-off.

Make sure your blogs make use of quotes, graphs and videos to break up the words. People will be engaged more if you do.

Hardly any images

Obviously, the longer the blog the more images you will need to use.

On the flip side, if you’ve wrote a 500-word blog post as an example, then you really shouldn’t be using 15 images. It’s over kill.

Before you publish an article, read it, if it looks like a lot of text without an image, insert one that supplements the wording.


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