SEO Tools for 2019 – 10 of The Best

by | Jan 7, 2019

There are many great SEO tools out there that can really help you understand if your website is performing well or needs some serious attention.

They usually fall into three categories, totally free to use, some SEO tools with limited free use and ones with a price tag.

Our thoughts are if you’re starting out, trying to understand SEO, stick to the free tools to begin with. Learn the basics and progress from there.

If you have more experience and are confident then it may be worth paying to get additional tools that can really help you move your SEO efforts forward.

Here’s our round up of some of the best SEO tools:

Google PageSpeed Insights: Website Page Load Speed Test (free)

This is a nifty and most importantly one of the easiest SEO tools to use. It allows you to enter your URL (your website address), run a quick analysis and it pumps out data.

The results will show you how fast your website takes to load on desktop and mobile devices. It also shows areas that may need you to tweak to improve your overall website load speed. It’s a great starting SEO tool to easily see if your website speed is fast, healthly and Google friendly.

Image of results using Google PageSpeed Insight Testing Tool

Ahrefs: SEO Keyword Tool (Paid – 7 day free trial)

Ahrefs is a giant when it comes to SEO tools and is used by some top brands such as NetFlix, Uber, Ebay and TripAdvisor.

Pop in your domain name, once it has analysed your website it highlights areas that need improvement to help you achieve a higher ranking.

Not only that but it allows you to analyse your competitor’s website, keeping a check on them. It does many other great things such as checking your website backlinks, compare your website to another, keyword research plus a host of other amazing SEO tools as part of the package.

Image of Ahrefs online SEO Tool

KWFinder: SEO Keyword Tool (paid – free limited results)

In a nutshell, KWFinder helps you understand keywords, giving you the knowledge to find long-tail keywords that have less competition meaning you can try and use that to your SEO advantage.

It also provides a host of other helpful SEO tools such as backlinking reports plus their Rank Tracker tool offers an excellent way of helping your website rank for specific keywords.

Ubersuggest: Keyword and Phrases Tracking Tool (free)

This is a keyword tool used to find new keywords and the intent of the search behind them.

By using Ubersuggest you’ll find lots of new keywords and long-tail keyword phrases that you can add into your website.

The generated report details metrics such as competition, volume and CPC (cost per click) based on that keyword. It will help you understand whether it’s worth targeting a specific keyword or not.

Google Analytics: Website Statistics (free)

This is an absolute must for any website and SEO work you’re looking to undertake, especially if you’re looking for reasons why your website isn’t ranking well.

If you use the basic features, you’ll easily be able to tell how many visitors your website is getting, how many sessions, your bounce rate and how long visitors spend on your website.

If you’re looking for much more detailed information then this tool also offers much more in depth statistics such as entry and exit pages on your website, how many people return week after week and which pages are most successful.

It does much more than this and it’s a must have!

Answer The Public: Content Creation Tool (free)

This one is a little bit different, it enables you to enter a topic, word or product, once it’s done its thing it will show results of questions that are commonly asked online around your chosen subject. You may be asking how this can help or be a top SEO tool?

Well, it generates amazing suggestions of topics that you can use to create content for your website or social media. Think of it as inspiration on what to write about.

For instance, if you’re a diet blogger and scratching your head thinking “what should I write about now?”.

By inputting ‘diet’ as the source word, it throws back questions like ‘how diet affects blood pressure’ or ‘are diet drinks keto friendly?’. It will give hundreds of suggestions making the topic of your next piece super easy.

Image showing website for Answer the Public

Woorank: Ranking SEO Tools (paid – 14 day free trial)

It’s a great analysis tool that offers a free trial and provides reports for your marketing data.

If you enter in your competitors URLs it will show you which keywords they are trying to target so you can try and also rank for that term. It also allows you to get an overview of things missing from your website in terms of content or from a technical perspective.

Google Trends: SEO Checking Tool (free)

Many haven’t heard about Google Trends, however it’s been around for many years and not really utilised that much.

It gives a wealth of information about a specific keyword but also to find trends around that keyword. This can be done for any country to receive information such as rising queries, top searches and interest over time. It’s a great tool for predicting whats hot and whats not for your new content.

Screaming Frog: (free and paid)

The free downloadable version can offer you many insights into a website meaning you can identify areas that need improvement.

The beauty of it, like many of these SEO tools, is that it’s fast and gives a lot of information.

It will show you broken links, page and meta data, discover duplicate pages and even generate XML sitemaps. The paid version offers much more reporting and integrations.

MozBar: Website SEO Chrome Extension (free and paid)

If you use Google Chrome daily as your web browser then this is something that you should have.

By installing the extension, when looking at search engine results pages (SERP) you will be able to quickly check on a websites domain and page authority (strength), how many links that page has and what is spam score is.

This is all available in the free version which can be switched on and off as and when you need it. The paid version offers a wealth of feature packed reports and analysis.


There are hundreds of websites, extensions and plugins all designed to help you improve your website SEO. There are some really great paid for ones and some really excellent free ones. Our advice would be if they offer a free trial then do just that, try not to pay for anything that you haven’t tested first.

You need to be sure that what you’re getting is easy to use and understand and will bring value to your business and site. 


  1. ailsa

    Brilliant article and I totally agree with taking the free trial first to really know which tool fits your needs the most.
    I’d also like to suggest – an seo tool that provides a free 1 month trial (with 1000 keywords to track from as well) – have you heard of it before?

  2. Brice Kylah

    Great Information. I am impressed with this post. I haven’t any other words than to appreciate this post. Your blog is very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing great article.


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