Are website images important? (Infographic)

by | Oct 4, 2018

Website images, in fact any type of graphic or picture you use, whether it be in social media posts, on printed marketing material or on your site, play a huge role in how well that type of content is consumed by your customers.   

People, sometimes put too much focus on text and wording, crafting the perfect Tweet or blog post, with little thought to the images used alongside it. This can cause a major decline in how well your content is received, perceived and remembered by your audience.

Whenever you’re looking to build a new website, create marketing pieces or post in social media, image is very important. There are a number of amazing stock photography sites, so there is really no excuse. Spending a little time searching for the right image could pay you dividends in the long run.

Why are website images so important?

The guys at MDG Advertising have put together an in depth look at why images can make a huge difference. As they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, this continues to hold truth. This infographic covers many surprising facts that illustrate why the pictures you use on your website and in your marketing efforts shouldn’t be a ‘last thought’.

Main points to take from it:

  • 10% of people only remember information they heard 3 days after the fact, adding a picture can improve this to 65%
  • Two thirds of people say they are visual learners
  • Articles with related images get 94% more views
  • Social media posts with images receive 352% more engagement
  • 67% of online buyers say “image quality is very important” when making a purchasing decision

Find out more interesting information below.

Website Images and pictures inforgraphic that illustrates the benefit of having good imagery in your content


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