Web designer and a web developer, is there a difference?

When meeting new people, I often get asked “What do you do for a living?”, I always reply “I’m a Mansfield web designer”, well actually I run a Mansfield web design company but in essence that is what we do as a business. I use the term ‘Mansfield web designer' very...

Secrets to reduce website design costs – helpful guide

There are many ways that will help you to reduce website design costs and how much you’ll end up paying your website design company. We’ll share some simple secrets and tips on how to cut what you spend, of course you’ll need an estimate on how much the website will...

Get the best out of your website designer – 3 simple tips

If you’re thinking about setting up a new website or looking to revamp your current website then we know that it’s sometimes confusing with what direction your new site should take. Your website designer is there to help! You'll have an unlimited amount of choices in...

How to instantly improve your website for higher profits

I received a call a few weeks ago from a local business owner, James. (I’ll do him a favour and not say his surname so you don't try and add him on LinkedIn or Facebook ????) and he was quite frustrated. He’d had a website created by a web developer, which on the...

5 tips for successful email marketing

A client called me last week to get some advice about her email marketing list. She was really excited as she’d gained quite a few new subscribers over the weekend. She was especially happy as she knew the bigger her email marketing list, the more sales she typically...

Google Adwords – Pay Per Click (PPC) for small businesses

Google Adwords is one of the most popular and effective ways to advertise your business online. This is because there’s somewhere in the region of 100 billion searches per month, as people search for everything from shoes to restaurants to brand new cars. Which is...

Benefits of a ‘Google My Business Page’

‘Google My Business Pages’ was created to help small business owners increase their visibility within Google search, Google Maps and Google Plus. Google My Business for mobile is also available on iOS and Android. Benefits of a ‘Google My Business Page’ There are...

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