5 Web Design Trends for 2020. Is it Time to Rethink your Website?

by | Oct 4, 2019

With 2020 just around the corner, it’s a great time to take stock and consider whether your website needs updating to keep ahead of the pack?

If your website was built a few years ago, then this blog really is for you!

Peoples tastes change and evolve all the time. We’re not just talking specifically about web design here but in all areas of our lives such as fashion, packaging, advertising and technology to list a few.

Web design is no different, what people really engage with online now is different to what would have ‘rocked their boat’ five years ago.

There is also one added dimension to add in the mix, that is the continual advancement of technology.

With larger and better mobile phone and device screens, faster connections through Wi-Fi and 5G and face and fingerprint recognition, people can do more and EXPECT more.

Before we talk future web design trends, two key elements should always be considered.

1) Responsive web design trends

Before we get into what will be hot in 2020, it’s worth considering a few key facts that effect all websites regardless of whether they look dull as dish water or cutting edge.

We’re long past the days when you could only access a website via a laptop or PC.

It’s roughly about equal now in terms of how people use the internet, about half of all traffic is done the traditional way and half is through smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

So, the first thing to be aware of is that your website needs to work extremely well on mobile devices regardless of its aesthetics.

2) Ecommerce design trends

Secondly, shopping online is now commonplace for most people.

It’s all about offering an effortless, streamlined and amazing user experience (UX). Not only does an online shop need to look super sexy, but it needs to be easy to use, be fast and simple.

It also needs to be secure and convey trust in the user, these are a must regardless of what it looks like.

With that in mind, let’s get cracking on web design trends you’ll probably be seeing a lot more in 2020.

The use of bold colours and fonts – bringing simplicity back

Many websites are constantly competing and looking to stand out from their competitors. How do they effectively get their message out to the masses in a sea of infinite user choice?

Some are opting to bring design back to basics. One big web design trend that continually looks to be hot in to 2020 is using bold background colours and simple striking text.

The principal of K.I.S.S (keep it simple, stupid) plays a huge role here. Why over complicate your brand message or ideas?  Less sometimes really is more!

By effectively using a single colour, with a striking image and a bold font can instantly ‘hit home’. No gimmicks, no mixed messages, straightforward and to the point.  It can be easy to digest this type of design and really make things ‘pop’.

Samsung excellently use this type of style with its new Galaxy Note10. A clean product shot with a bold font.

Image of using bold fonts and basic colour in web design trends 2020

Another great example of this is Lush Cosmetics. Currently they don’t even use an image in the background on their website, just a bold colour. They aren’t even showcasing any products, seems strange for an online shop, right?

Not really, look at what they are saying “protect and plant forests – your life depends on it”. This is a bold statement that really stands out.

No watered-down message here, but what does it say about them? By association it shows they care, are passionate and really want to make a difference, also sublimely their products ‘don’t cost the Earth’ so to speak.

Simple fonts and striking headlines on websites are a web design trend for 2020

Background video will continue

In contrast to above web design trend, some websites will continue to offer design that incorporate captivating videos to striking effect.

Land on a website and the video will play in the background.

Again, this is a great way of easily getting over a message quickly. It’s incredibly powerful in not only showing a specific product or idea, but it also can help convey an emotion in the web visitor.

The Hidden World of National Park (part of Google Atys & Culture) have used this to great effect, showing dramatic scenery, amazing landscapes and incredible experiences.

Be careful with video though, they can bloat the size of a web page if not done correctly, leading to slower load times, possibly producing a higher bounce rate.

Web design trends for 2020 showcase amazing video backgrounds

Split design

Some websites are opting to split their design to showcase two important messages on one area of a web page. This is quite effective if your key messages are clear and easy to understand.

They can also be a great way of helping a visitor navigate around a website with ease based on what they actually want to see.

Get2know Noke, is a website that is there to promote a region of Virginia in the US. As you can see this website uses split design very well.

Depending on whether a user is looking at Noke from a business or lifestyle perspective, it’s clear which part of the website to click

Image showing website that uses split design

Parallax website design

Parallax scrolling is nothing new, it’s been around for years, but it’s something that will still be used a lot in 2020.

It’s all about using depth and movement within the design to give it a kind of 3D effect.

Backgrounds stay still whilst elements above them seem to move at different rates when scrolling down a web page or not. It creates a dynamic and interesting visual effect and a great UX.

Bear Grylls website is an amazing example of this, scolling makes it seem like you’re actually delving into the landscape.

Minimalistic design

Again, this is going back to basics and really simplifying the design of a website. Allowing a user to not get bogged down with too much ‘stuff’.

Stripping back the design will be a key web design trend next year. People are consuming more and more information daily.

Whether that is from social media, text messages, personalised advertising, web browsing, watching video or shopping online….the list goes on. The idea is to not overload the user.

Wouldn’t it be nice to visit a website that doesn’t try to be overly clever, is clean and simple to look at and digest? That’s what minimalistic design is all about.

Take Wix for example. Strong headline and ‘boom’ a simple call to action. No flashing images, no upsell, no popups, its just a case on clicking ‘get started’ and registering. That’s about as simple as you can get.

Image showing website with simple headlines and fonts


If your website has all the needed elements to create a great UX and is technically built well, design is the icing on the cake. There is no right or wrong answer to what you should or shouldn’t be doing.

Web design is subjective, like all design. As long as your visitors enjoy your site and respond well to it then you’re doing a great job. However, you should always look to make sure that it isn’t outdated and reflects badly on your business. Times change and so should your site design.

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