Google Adwords – Pay Per Click (PPC) for small businesses

by Nov 15, 2017

Google Adwords is one of the most popular and effective ways to advertise your business online. This is because there’s somewhere in the region of 100 billion searches per month, as people search for everything from shoes to restaurants to brand new cars.

Which is pretty much why…

EVERY business should consider a PPC strategy of some sort.

Like it or not, Google have their hands tightly gripped on the ‘search engine’ market… therefore it’s important that you at least consider advertising on Google. After all… it’s where the vast majority of your customers are.

Lets face it… we’re at the point now where your customers EXPECT you to be on Google… if you’re not, you might as well not exist. Harsh… but true.

In fact, whilst we’re on the subject, why don’t you do a quick ‘Google Search’ for something now?

This way I can show you how your search results display in Google. There are two ways to get onto Google’s search results. There are ‘organic’ results and ‘paid’ results.

What are ‘organic’ search results? These are the results appearing in the main body, they are the legitimate results Google recommends to you. There are numerous ways to improve your website SEO and climb up these rankings, but today I’m not here to talk about that.

Today, I want to talk about using paid results to get ahead!

The results from your searches appear at the top with the word ‘ad’ next to them – usually there are only two or three. These adverts change depending on many factors such as if a company is bidding more for certain keywords, location of the searcher plus of a host of other things.

Simply put… people setup adverts to appear for certain keywords, then pay every time someone clicks on their advert and goes to their chosen landing page. Hence why it’s called PPC (or… Pay Per Click)!

PPC advertising is a great way to get traffic to your site immediately, often used by new small businesses to give web traffic a good kick-start.

“So should I setup my Google Adwords account now?”

Not so fast, there are a few things you should know first.

You can drive targeted traffic to your site straight way, BUT the cost of attracting this audience can vary massively depending on your competition, what your chosen keywords are and where you are geographically.

However, there is a simple way to keep your costs down and your profits up!

So what’s the number one rule for small businesses on Google?

No one wants to be bullied by the big boys, and thankfully you don’t have to go head to head with the corporate giants that can pump huge amount of money into the most popular search terms.

Instead, you can target more specific terms with a focus on your own niche.

The best thing about Google is SO many people use the search engine, you don’t have to advertise using general keywords as ‘car’ or ‘shoes’.

You should target more specific terms like ‘sparkly dance shoes’. Or to be REALLY specific you can advertise on ‘sparkly dance shoes Mansfield’.

In fact, the more specific your targeted search term, the cheaper it will cost to advertise.   

And if you need help identifying which keywords to focus on, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you work within a specific area, such as a town or city?e.g.’family car rental in Newark ’ or ‘Italian restaurant in West Bridgford.’
  • Do you offer your products or services to a specific type of customer?e.g. ‘baseball caps for girls’ or ‘kids bowling balls.’
  • Is your product or service unique in some way compared to your competitors?e.g. ‘yellow office bins’ or ‘cherry flavoured cigars’ (yes they exist!).

Basically… it’s pretty much impossible for a company to dominate EVERY keyword out there, so by identifying the niche opportunities, you can get a good slice of the Google PPC pie!

Here’s a few more tips for small businesses looking into Google Adwords:

  • Do some basic keyword research first. You can use Google’s Keyword Research Tool to find out how many people search for your chosen keywords and the keyword’s competition levels.
  • Use keywords that target your business in the local area. You will get a better rate of return by focusing on customers in your local area.
  • If a PPC advert you’ve set up isn’t delivering the results you expect, consider changing the advert’s copy to see if it encourages more interaction and website visitors.
  • Is your advert tempting enough? If you saw it, would you click? Think about your copy and how to convince your customer to click on the link.
  • Make sure your landing page is relevant to your advert! With Google Adwords, you can choose which web page your advert takes your customer to, so make sure it’s relevant to the ad itself. Don’t just send everyone to your homepage.
  • Always setup your CPC (cost per click) at a price you’re comfortable with.
  • Same for your budget! Remember, if the advert is making you money, you can always put more into it later!
  • Record your results!How do you know which adverts work if you don’t know how many people go on to buy after clicking on your advert. Here’s a useful little video telling you how to do it.

You’re now ready to setup your Google Adwords. Go on…. GO!

The best thing you can do is dive into Google Adwords and have a play. No need to worry, you don’t pay anything until you’re ready.

Google is nice enough to tell you how much it will cost and the potential click through rate before you even start.

So sign up and start playing around in Google Adwords… within a few days you could have hundreds of new customers heading to your website!

P.S. If you’d prefer our PPC/AdWords specialists to look after your campaign, give us a call on 01623 454 440


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