How Google Reviews can get your business more leads

by | Apr 24, 2017 | Search Engine Optimisation (SE0)

We get a lot of clients asking us about local searches and how they can be optimised for better performance. So, today I am going to tell you how you can make the most of the Google Reviews feature to instantly generate more credibility, leads and enquiries for your local business.

To start off you need to set up a Google My Business Page. Google Reviews can only be used by an individual or businesses who have a Google My Business Page Account. If you haven’t setup it up yet… go do it now, it takes less than 20 minutes! 

Customer reviews are getting more and  more powerful by the day. These days I rarely buy, book, eat or enquire about anything unless I’ve checked out the reviews first and I hardly ever go anywhere with less than 4.5 stars.

Your future customers look for reviews to make a decision when searching for services, tradesmen, accommodation, restaurants, stores, holidays and more… so, paying attention on how to increase your reviews will be extremely beneficial to your online success.

What you need to know about Google Review Ratings

There are two main factors to take into consideration as far as Google Reviews are concerned:

One is the “Star Rating” and the other “Number of Reviews”.

The “Star Rating” is how highly people rate your business. The lowest rating is “1 Star” and the highest rating is “5 Stars”. The higher your average rating, the more clout you have over your competitors, and the higher you’ll appear in the search results.

The “Number of Reviews” is slightly more important than the “Star Rating”. The Star Rating gives you credibility, builds trust and gets you higher up the search results. The “Number of Reviews” allows your rating to show up on user searches. The minimum number of reviews needed for your “Star Rating” to show up in Google search is five.

Common mistakes business owners make when asking for reviews

It’s very tempting to ask friends to add “5 Star” rating reviews for your business, I get it. We all like to be liked.

But beware.

While this can get you higher in searches than your competitors, it could easily land you in trouble with Google. No one likes to get wrist slapped by Google so just don’t go there, okay?

Getting genuine reviews are far more rewarding than fake ones plus you don’t run the risk of getting your account shut down…

How do I get a genuine review?

Ask your customers to leave feedback on Google. By simply asking them to add reviews on Google, you can really make your business stand out from your competitors.

Reply to your reviews – By responding to your reviews, you will show your customers and other web users (potential customers) that you care about your customers’ comments and that you’re a proactive type of company/person to deal with.

Make sure that your business information is verified by Google. Only verified Local Google Plus Pages can respond to customer reviews so make sure that’s all setup correctly.

Quick tips to respond to bad reviews the right way

  • Don’t get personal, keep it professional, proactive and sincere
  • Be a compassionate leader (remember your comments will be around forever for plenty of people to read so you want to get it right.)
  • Keep your response short and sweet
  • Make sure you thank your reviewer, even if the review is bad
  • Avoid the hard sell. Every bad situation with a customer is an opportunity to turn things around but take it offline. Don’t do the hard sell to win them back in the review for all to see.

So thats it! Google Reviews can play a hugely effective role in your online marketing efforts.

If you are struggling to verify your Local Google Plus Page or have any questions about the article, please feel free to Contact Us and get some help. Send us an email or give us a call on 01623 454440. We’d love to chat.


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